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Working Bio

My striving history toward success …

Since 1999 I have been playing with Computer. Starting was with Windows 95. MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Typing capability was a big knowledge at that time. By the time, I have started learning and earning, from raw php to framework. HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, Ajax, PHP, mySQL Database, sQlite Database, Java, Kotlin, C Sharp, Swift I have tasted these. Now, learning and working on Dart programming language for Flutter cross platform development environment, a technology by Google.

There are thousands of download on my iOS paid and free apps on AppStore. Millions of download on Android apps on Play Store. Hundreds of download on Windows App as UWP Universal Windows Application on Windows Store.

Also, I am working for business owner over UpWork platform with best of reputation. 200+ projects done.

Now, we have started our own business for my beloved country Bangladesh by offering IT hardware & software products through AsianSoftwareFirm. Our family business with ThemeForest. Development partner with Smart IT London.

Featured Project

Mobile App Development

Apple IOS, Native Android Kit

My reference works could be checked by the live links provided here. where - 30k+ Sales in AppStore  and 10M+ Downloads in Play-Store live apps. Cross-platform App Development with Firebase. Also, working on NodeJS, Vue2, Nuxt with Rest API talking to firebase firestore. Ready to help with all the ways like a new development, update the existing, troubleshooting and consulting. I have developed iOS Apps for both iPhone and iPad with Swift. Applications in Kotlin for Android, in C# for Universal Windows App, and continuing



CSCart is growing for multi-vendor platform. Shopify is speedy and sleek for startups, WooCommerce is free distributed with WordPress, You need to pick one for your purpose. I help you making a proper decision for your case.

You have a shop? Good, I offer the best maintenance and sales promotion.



Windows App


Not your average software developer. YES, your heard it right.

World class apps

Get issues fixed, develop or rebuild website or Mobile app. Consult for complex API and custom programming in any CMS.

Tailored to your needs

I have had an eagle eye on the error and issues. I can find out and make the solutions for them shortly. So you can get my help for your project to make custom codes for specific needs.

Backend & API Development

Now working on NodeJS, Vue2, Nuxt with Rest API talking to firebase firestore. 30k+ Sales in AppStore and 10M+ Downloads in Play-Store live apps. Cross-platform App Development with Firebase.

User Centric Experiences

I have been working for more than 10 years, started from raw PHP. Now become well equipped with PHP frameworks (Codeigniter), CMSs (WordPress, Joomla, Opencart, Prestashop, Magento 2, CS-Cart), Object Oriented Programming. That makes me an expert full stack developer.

WorldClass Support

Out of my 200+ UpWork jobs, I have developed custom WordPress Themes and Plugins, made thousands of line in PHP, Ajax, jQuery, Vue.js, and what not.

Award Winning quality

5 years of experience from raw code to framework. | 20k+ USD earned |  186 Projects done with all 5 stars | Top Rated # So many clients are happy

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